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ISSN  0323 - 1046 (Print) 1338 - 4295 (online)


                                                       Special issue

(mathematical modeling, high technologies, information and decision support systems)

  • Sačkov, I., Scheer, Ľ., Bucha, T.:
    Predicting forest stand variables from airborne LiDAR
    data using a tree detection method in Central European forestspdf2


  • Gejdoš, M., Gergeľ, T., Bucha, T., Vyhnáliková, Z.:
    Possibilities of image analysis for quality wood sortingpdf2

  • Halaj, D.:
    Marketing support of decision-making at the forest enterprise:
    A case study on roundwood assortments portfoliopdf2

  • Usoltsev, V. A., Merganičová, K., Konôpka, B., Osmirko, A. A.,
    Tsepordey, I. S., Chasovskikh, V. P.:
    Fir (Abies spp.) stand biomass additive model for Eurasia sensitive to
    winter temperature and annual precipitationpdf2


  • Fabrika, M., Valent, P., Merganičová, K.:
    Forest modelling and visualisation – state of the art and perspectivepdf2