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2017 1vOriginal papers

  • Sedliak, M., Sačkov, I., Kulla, L.: Classification of tree species composition using a combination
    of multispectral imagery and airborne laser scanning data
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 1–9 |pdf2
  • Štefančík, I.: A comparison of different tending variants in beech stands by the crown thinning and from the view of their quantitative and qualitative development
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 10–22 |pdf2
  • Vacek, Z.: Structure and dynamics of spruce-beech-fir forests in Nature Reserves of the Orlické hory Mts. in relation to ungulate game
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 23–34 |pdf2
  • Krynytska, O., Bondarenko, T., Capuliak, J., Trenčiansky, M.: Quantitative analysis of litter-fall in hornbeam-oak-pine stands in the Lviv Roztoche region
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 35–41 |pdf2
  • Krupová, D., Bošeľa, M., Pavlenda, P., Tóthová, S.: Long-term changes in atmospheric depositions in Slovakia
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 42–47 |pdf2
  • Cukor, J., Linhart, L., Vacek, Z., Baláš, M., Linda, R.: The effects of Alginite fertilization on selected tree species seedlings performance on afforested agricultural lands
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 48–56 |pdf2