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2017 1vOriginal papers

  • Sedliak, M., Sačkov, I., Kulla, L.: Classification of tree species composition using a combination
    of multispectral imagery and airborne laser scanning data
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 1–9 |pdf2
  • Štefančík, I.: A comparison of different tending variants in beech stands by the crown thinning and from the view of their quantitative and qualitative development
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 10–22 |pdf2
  • Vacek, Z.: Structure and dynamics of spruce-beech-fir forests in Nature Reserves of the Orlické hory Mts. in relation to ungulate game
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 23–34 |pdf2
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2017 2-3v


  • Konôpka, B, Gömöryová, E.: Editorial
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 57–58 |pdf2



  • Lukac, M.: Soil biodiversity and environmental change in European forests
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 59–65 |pdf2
  • Holik, L., Kučera, A., Rejšek, K., Vranová, V.: Seasonal dynamics of arginine

    in forest soils of Norway spruce pure stands under different silvicultural practices

    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 66–72 |pdf2
  • Homolák, M., Pichler, V., Gömöryová, E., Bebej, J.: Effect of surface humus on water
    infiltration and redistribution in beech forest stands with different density
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 73–78 |pdf2
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2017 4v

  • Horemans, J. A., Henrot, A., Delire, Ch., Kollas, Ch., Lasch-Born, P.,
    Reyer, Ch., Suckow, F., François, L., Ceulemans, R.: Combining multiple
    statistical methods to evaluate the performance of process-based vegetation
    models across three forest stands
    pdf2Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 153–172 |
  • Gömöry, D., Hrivnák, M., Krajmerová, D., Longauer, R.: Epigenetic memory
    effects in forest trees: a victory of “Michurinian biology”?
    Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 173–179 |pdf2
  • Kašák, J., Foit, J., Hučín, M.: Succession of ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
    communities after windthrow disturbance in a montane Norway spruce forest
    in the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. (Czech Republic)pdf2Cent. Eur. For. J., 63(2017) 180–187 |
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