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2016 4vEditorial
  • Hlásny, T., Holuša, J.:
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 167–168 |
Original papers
  • Netherer, S., Ehn, M., Blackwell, E., Kirisits, T.: Defence reactions of mature Norway spruce (Picea abies) before and after inoculation of the blue-stain fungus Endoconidiophora polonica in a drought stress experiment
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 169–177 |pdf2

  • Modlinger, R., Liška, J.: Review of Lepidoptera with trophic relationships to Picea abies (L.) in the conditions of Czechia
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 178–194 |pdf2
  • Putz, J., Vorwagner, E. M., Hoch, G.: Flight performance of Monochamus sartor and Monochamus sutor, potential vectors of the pine wood nematode
    Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 195–201 |pdf2
  • Wegensteiner, R., Lukášová, K., Vanická, H., Zimová, S., Kacprzyk, M., Holuša, J.: Extremely low infection levels of pathogens and nematodes in Trypodendron spp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 202–206 |pdf2
  • Galko, J., Nikolov, Ch., Kunca, A., Vakula, J., Gubka, A., Zúbrik, M., Rell, S., Konôpka, B.: Effectiveness of pheromone traps for the European spruce bark beetle: a comparative study of four commercial products and two new models
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 207–215 |pdf2
  • Vanická, H., Lukášová, K., Holuša, J.: Infection levels of pathogens in the European spruce bark beetle Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) at managed and unmanaged forest locations: a meta-data analysis
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 216 –222 |pdf2
  • Véle, A., Modlinger, R.: Foraging strategy and food preference of Formica polyctena ants in different habitats and possibilities for their use in forest protection
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 223–288 |pdf2
  • Barka, I.: Business trip of National Forest Centre (NFC) employees to the Chinese Academy of Forestry
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 62(2016) 229–231 |pdf2