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Volume 60, year of publication 2014, numbers 1 - 4

lc2014 3

Original papers
  • Gömöryová, E., Fleischer, P., Gömöry, D.: Soil microbial community responses to windthrow disturbance in Tatra National Park (Slovakia) during the period 2006 – 2013
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 137–142 |pdf2
  • Grucmanová, Š., Holuša, J., Trombik, J., Lukášová, K.: Large larch bark beetle Ips cembrae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in the Czech Republic: analysis of population development and catches in pheromone traps
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 143–149 |pdf2
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lc2014 4v

Original papers
  • Červený, J., Ježek, M., Holá, M., Zikmund, M., Kušta, T., Hanzal, V., Kropil, R.: Daily activity rhythm and habitat use of the semi-free European bison herd during the growing season
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 199–204 |pdf2
  • Konôpka, B., Pajtík, J.: Similar foliage area but contrasting foliage biomass between young beech and spruce stands
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 205–213 |pdf2
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2014 2
Original papers
  • Bošeľa, M., Konôpka, B., Šebeň, V., Vladovič, J., Tobin, B.: Modelling height to diameter ratio – an opportunity to increase Norway spruce stand stability in the Western Carpathians
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 71–80 |pdf2
  • Kašpar, J., Marušák, R., Sedmák, R.: Spatial and non-spatial harvestscheduling versus conventional timber indicator in over-mature forests
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 81–87 |pdf2
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2014 1
  • Konôpka, B., Hlásny, T., Holuša, J.: Introducing the 60th volume of the journal with a thematic issue on drought-forest interactions
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 3–4 | pdf2
Original papers
  • Hlásny, T., Mátyás, C., Seidl, R., Kulla, L., Merganičová, K., Trombik, J., Dobor, L., Barcza, Z., Konôpka, B.: Climate change increases the drought risk in Central European forests: what are the options for adaptation?
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 5–18 |pdf2
  • Sitková, Z., Nalevanková, P., Střelcová, K., Fleischer, P., ml., Ježík, M., Sitko, R., Pavlenda, P., Hlásny, T.: How does soil water potential limit the seasonal dynamics of sap flow and circumference changes in European beech?

Lesn. Cas. For. J., 60(2014) 19–30 pdf2|

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