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Volume 59, year of publication 2013, numbers 1 - 4

2013 1v

Original papers
  • ………Šmelko, Š.: New view of properties and applicability of the circular and relascopic sample plots for the inventory and monitoring of the forest ecosystems
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 1–18 |pdf2
  • Vladovič, J., Bucha, T.: Innovative approaches in mapping and assessing the structure and texture of mountain forest stands in Low Tatras
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 19–37 |pdf2
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2013 2vOriginal papers………
  • Kulla, L., Bošeľa, M.: The concept of geo-biotope as a possible superior site unit for differentiation of forest management
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 81–94pdf2
  • Bucha, T., Slávik, M., Hatala, N., Bartko, M.: Evaluation of forest health condition in the inundation area of Danube, section Dobrohošť – Sap from aerial multispectral images in 2011
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 95–106 | pdf2
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2013 3v

Konôpka, J., Konôpka, B., Šebeň, V.: Foreword
Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 153 |                               pdf2

Original papers
  • Pajtík, J., Konôpka, B., Marušák, R.: Above-ground net primary productivity in young stands of beech and spruce
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 154–162 |           pdf2
  • Konôpka, B., Pajtík, J., Maľová, M.: Fine root standing stock and production in young beech and spruce stands
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 163–171 |pdf2
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2013 4v
Original papers
  • Greguš, C.: An integrated direction system for forest management in form on theses the forest acts
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 221–228 |pdf2
  • Štefančík, I., Pajtík, J., Bošeľa, M., Priwitzer, T., Čaboun, V., Klouček, T.: The comparison of development of selected fir-beech stands in research purpose-made area “Komárnik”
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 59(2013) 229–239 |pdf2
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