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Volume 56, year of publication 2010, numbers 1 - 4

Original papers
  • Rédei, K., Veperdi, I., Csiha, I., Keserű, Z., Győri, J.: Yield of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) short-rotation energy crops in Hungary: case study in a field trial
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 327–335 |pdf2
  • Galko, J., Gubka, A., Vakula, J., Brutovský, D.: Comparison of catches of the spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus L.) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in pheromone traps of Canadian and European production
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 337–347 |pdf2
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Original papers
  • Bošeľa, M.: Climatic and soil characteristics of the altitudinal vegetation zones and edaphic-trophic units
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 215–234 |pdf2
  • Pavlík, Š., Vakula, J., Galko, J., Gubka, A., Kunca, A.: Dynamics of annual volume of timber infested by spruce bark beetles in spruce forests of Slovakia since 1973: Analysis and prognosis
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 235–245 |pdf2
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Original papers
  • Herich, I.: Trends of forest production development in Slovakia derived from sampling data set
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 109–127 |pdf2
  • Štefančík, I.: Effect of tending and snow damage on changes in tree species composition, stand structure, qualitative and quantitative production of mixed spruce, fir and beech pole-stage stand on Stará Píla research plot
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 129–154 |pdf2
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Original papers
  • Slamka, M., Radocha, M.: Results of harvesters and forwarders operations in Slovakian forests
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 1–15 |pdf2
  • Kobliha, J., Slávik, M., Hynek, V., Marušák, R.: Production impacts of European larch tested provenances selection
    Lesn. Cas. For. J., 56(2010) 17–30 |pdf2
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