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Šebeň, V., Bošeľa, M., Konôpka, B., Pajtík, J.:Indices of tree competition in dense spruces stand originated from natural regeneration.

Hlásny, T., Matyás, C., Seidl, R., Kulla, L., Merganičová, K., Trombik, J., Dobor, L., Barcza, Z., Konôpka, B.:Climate change increases the drought risk in Central European forests: What are the options for adaptation?

Konôpka, B., Pajtík, J., Bošeľa, M., Hlásny, T., Sitková, Z.:Inter- and intra-annual dynamics of height increment in young beech and spruce stands in relation to tree size and weather conditions.

Kurth, W., Kniemeyer, O., Sloboda, B.:Forest structure, competition and plant-herbivore interaction modeled with Relational Growth Grammars.

Central European Forestry Journal (published as Lesnícky časopis - Forestry Journal until 2016) publishes novel science originating from research in forestry and related fields. The quarterly journal is jointly published by the National Forest Centre - Forest Research Institute in Zvolen, Slovakia and by the Faculty of Forestry an Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, the Czech Republic. The journal publishes new scientific knowledge generated by basic and applied research in forestry but also in related fields. Scientific and professional papers on aspects of forest ecology, management planning, protection, monitoring, economics, but also silviculture, game management, landscape creation and ecology.                                               more »

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Actual Issue 2019 2v



Editor’s choice:

  1. Indices of tree competition in dense spruces stand originated from natural regeneration by Šebeň, Vladimír/ Bošeľa, Michal/ Konôpka, Bohdan and Pajtík, Jozef
  2. Climate change increases the drought risk in Central European forests: What are the options for adaptation? by Hlásny, Tomáš/ Mátyás, Csaba/ Seidl, Rupert/ Kulla, Ladislav/ Merganičová, Katarína/ Trombik, Jiří/ Dobor, Laura/ Barcza, Zoltán and Konôpka, Bohdan
  3. Modelling height to diameter ratio – an opportunity to increase Norway spruce stand stability in the Western Carpathians by Bošeľa, Michal/ Konôpka, Bohdan/ Šebeň, Vladimír/ Vladovič, Jozef and Tobin, Brian
  4. Decision support systems in Slovak forestry planning: a review / Systémy na podporu rozhodovania v lesníckom plánovaní na Slovensku: prehľad by Tuček, Ján/ Sedmák, Róbert/ Majlingová, Andrea/ Sedliak, Maroš and Marques, Susete
  5. How does soil water potential limit the seasonal dynamics of sap flow and circumference changes in European beech? by Sitková, Zuzana/ Nalevanková, Paulína/ Střelcová, Katarína/ Fleischer Jr., Peter/ Ježík, Marek/ Sitko, Roman/ Pavlenda, Pavel and Hlásny, Tomáš
  6. Spatial and non-spatial harvest scheduling versus conventional timber indicator in over-mature forests by Kašpar, Jan/ Marušák, Róbert and Sedmák, Róbert
  7. Modelling effects of weather condition on seasonal dynamics of the stem circumference increment in a mixed stand of Norway spruce and European beech by Bošeľa, Michal/ Pajtík, Jozef/ Konôpka, Bohdan/ Šebeň, Vladimír and Vida, Tomáš
  8. Analysis of governance systems applied in multifunctional forest management in selected European mountain regions / Analýza systémov governancie využívaných pri multifunkčnom manažmente lesov vo vybraných európskych horských oblastiach by Sarvašová, Zuzana/ Cienciala, Emil/ Beranová, Jana/ Vančo, Michal/ Ficko, Andrej and Pardos, Marta
  9. Projected effects of climate change on the carbon stocks of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests in Zala County, Hungary by Somogyi, Zoltán
  10. Wind – an important ecological factor and destructive agent in forests by Konôpka, Bohdan/ Zach, Peter and Kulfán, Ján